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SpssToCSharp - Spss and C#

The Idea behind
Often the simple SPSS syntax is not sufficient for your needs. This little project will help you performing complex operations by interfacing it with the power of .NET. You can code in C# or any other .NET language your SPSS variables and the result will be written back in your SPSS .sav file.

The architecture
The entire sav file recreated line by line. The result is a new file containing all the variables (columns) and cases (rows). With C# it is now possible to add new variables and perform complex operations on other variables and writing the result in a new variable. At the end everything is saved in the new .sav file.

Things to note
  • Variable names cannot contain blank spaces
  • The source file has to be in the same place as the executable (.exe)
  • Source code is not refactored by purpose, for easier readability

Tested on
Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit
C# .NET 3.5

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