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A Development editor for writing .NET code like Visual Studio. A free version (Visual Studio 2010 Express) can be downloaded here.

Installation instructions
Unzip the downloaded .zip file. Open the solution by clicking on the SpssToCSharp.sln file. Visual Studio opens and you can start editing the solution.

People.sav - The original file. Replace it with your own file
PeopleCalc.sav - The output file. The new variables will be writte there

Program.cs - The main class where the execution starts
Constants.cs - A base class with test data for the initial file
SavCreator.cs - Builds the people.sav file for further processing
VariableGenerator.cs - A set of basic methods for creating variables
SavCalculator.cs - Here the main calculation of the new variables takes place
SavTester.cs - Outputs the content of the produced file

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